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Promise is a promise! Date: Apr 26th @ 3:05am EDT
Hello again!
As I promised, i wanted to put a part of a chapter here, of a page i was reading in spa, when Charlie was working on me...
So this is a short verion of what I was reading about!
And even typing this text making me wet! Can't forget how he made me horny only massaging my feet.
Here is the story
"....Moving her head, peering at other couples as if she was a surveillance camera sweeping her head slowly back and forth from side to side, she saw no one worth giving her full attention to. Loosing concentration of her swirling motion of her glass, she got clumsy. Some of the sweet Pies porter shot out of the glass and dotted her large chest just below her aquamarine colored pearl necklace. She quickly turned her attention toward him to see his reaction. He was still pissed and unamused. He showed little tolerance for her and just sat there and let the sweet succulent drops slowly slide down between her breasts. She decided to see if he would trash his attitude from the car ride over and playfully follow the descending drops down into the canyon of desire. He did no such thing. He grabbed his cloth napkin from his lap and tossed it across the table toward her, motioning for her to mop herself up. Livid, she tilted her head back and guzzled the rest of her sweet tasting wine in one quick motioned fell swoop. Announcing, "I'm going to the effing bar to get something a bit more powerful". He waived her away without a hint of remorse. With his back to the bar sitting at the table, and her back to him as she approached the bartender, she figured it was time to break out the heavy alcohol to drown her sorrows quickly and effectively. Summoning to the bartender that she would like a double shot of Crown Royal and a Martini--stirred with 2 olives--she lopped her purse on the counter and stood there waiting for him to comply. Suddenly, she felt 2 very muscular hands place themselves on her hips and slowly side around to the front of her abdomen and gently make their way toward her C-cup breasts. She smiled and thought that it was about time that he came and apologized for treating her like shit on this very special night. A warm breath nuzzled up to her ear and bit at the lobe and whispered softly to her in a sensual way, "I can't believe how sexy you look and how stunning you smell right now. How is it that your husband isn't even the least bit attracted to you right now?"

She spun around on her right heel and faced him for the second time today. His sexy smile immediately melted her all over again. She had casually bumped into him earlier at the grocery store while purchasing some milk, lipstick, and a nice bottle of Aussie Merlot. He had nothing more than a pack of gum and a mega family size box of condoms. She snorted at the idea that he was arming himself with so many. She figured he would be dating the an entire WNBA women's basketball team tonight. His smile lightened up when he saw her eyes question the box of condoms. That smile instantaneously made her knees melt. That encounter at the store was the first time she had seen him in about 15 years. They had gone their separate ways out of high school and decided to see where life took them. Ironically, life had given them a chance encounter.
Who knows, what will happen then..

Now, staring into his hazel eyes with her own questioning deep blue eyes, she smiled and then spilled out, "What the eff are you doing here?" He retorted, "I'm checking you out. I just had to follow you because I couldn't get enough of your beauty earlier. Thats so hott" Cracking another smile he confessed the truth. It turns out that his friend was getting married in one of the banquet rooms in this very same hotel. He was being bombarded by single women to dance and that just wasn't his thing. He needed some space and air and upon walking out of the banquet room saw the last 5 minutes of her interaction with her husband. He dually noted that it looked awfully unpleasant. He snuck a quick look at her again and remarked at how gorgeous she looked completely dressed up. It made her blush and he loved doing that to her. She also didn't mind hearing sexy compliments about herself that she never heard anymore from her husband.

Looking her over he noticed her liquid satin sky blue colored Donna Karan sundress that was covering only one shoulder. The other shoulder was completely nude and showing off a fetching tan. The dress dipped halfway down her bust line showing off her well proportioned and natural C-cup breasts. Her hair pinned up and giving way to all the secret spots of her neckline. He commented on her aquamarine necklace and said that it added a touch of class to her naughty demeanor. "What do you mean?" she commented. "I knew the sexiness you portrayed in high school with the entire line of fancy underwear you wore on a daily basis. Did you forget we once dated? Naughtiness like that doesn't fade with the person through the years, but rather it strengthens with age. I know what you're donning under there", he whispered discreetly. This caused her to crack a smile. Her heart picked up the pace as his eyes dropped southward to her long and toned tanned legs. He cracked a smile showing his white teeth and motioned without saying anything with his mouth, "Thigh-Highs"...."
I went to SPA Date: Apr 26th @ 2:10am EDT
Hello everyone!
Hope ur days were good!
So yesterday after some hard job I went to SPA and beauty center to make some nice things and relax a bit. I took my laptop with me not to get bored, while man was massgin my feet and do pedicure.
I was looking thrpough news, and clicked some banner... OMG!
I cought a fetish-page with sooo hot pictures and stories!
And the same time stuff man was maasaging every toy... And I got just extra horny! That feeling was amazing.
To make this fair, i will post the part of chapter in the next post in my blog. For persons, who interested in why that happened.
So, man asked
-Is that okay, Miss? Do u feel good now? I'm preparing your feet for pedicure!
-Oh yes. All good - i just could say!
- Well, I am Charlie. You can ask me anything, if you need.. - and his fingers burned my skin, running acriss my foot and go higer to anckles...
The same time I was thinking of wh y I am getting melt, why my knees are so week when he doing this. He is just guy from stuff... But he looked so sexy in his white uniform robe. His tanned arms and hands looked so sexy on my skin! And I start to tremble... As I wanted him so much!
-Is everything okay, Miss? Or u getting cold? I can bring you blanket...
And I could't say something~
I just pull him closer to me and whispered "Tsssss" ... Kissed him passionate.
Room was locked from our side. But I saw how he got nevious. Its forbidden to make something like that with clients.
But it was inpossible to stop me in that moment! I opened my towel... and he saw wet pussylips opening with liquide lube comes of me... I saw his eyes! He got soo horny and i pushed his face hard between my legs....
And I lost my mind...
Rubber Latex Suits or how do I like it. Date: Apr 21st @ 4:38am EDT
Hello guys! I got a present of my slave- new sexy LAtex suit!
It is soo crazy hot!
And I found some nice story about you.
Welcome and enjoy!
"Just the other night, I was perusing the artworks of Kemono Inukai and Gryf. I became fascinated by their artworks, especially those that showed people wearing rubber latex suits of dogs, wolves, foxes, panthers, dragons, etc.

And then that's when it hit me.

Since I had written on m- and p-shifting not long before, I had been trying to deal with the question of "Forget p-shifting. How am I going to m-shift?" Truth is, I have no experience at m-shifting because, for some unexplainable reason, I'm just not able to imagine myself being turned into a dog, or wolf, or otter. Simply put, mentally its just not in me.

However, I think I may have found a way to overcome that.

Rubber latex suits are often associated with sex. But I think that animal-type suits made out of rubber latex can actually help me mentally shift.

I mean, look at the intent of masks or costumes. Whenever you wear a costume, you're supposed to act out the character as best as you know; play the part, so to speak. Same concept behind rpgs, too.
Anyhow, I want to tell much more.
So, when somebody wears a suit like that, I think that his own self, at least for the time being, comes under the subjection of what the costume feels like. The person wearing the costume comes under the mold of the costume. Its like, "the rubber latex fox costume is your skin, so fit into it."

So furthermore, I think that if I wear a tightfitting, but stretchy rubber latex suit in the form of, say, an otter, I think that such the same effects are likely to take place. The constricting of some movements and the destricting of others would allow me to better mentalize that, yes, I am turning into an otter.

OK, now that that's settled, I wonder exactly where I can get one of them. Or, if not, then I'll need to know how to make one myself!"
(C) by R.N.

PS. Who want a Latex Suit show- come and ask before, I always need to be prepared! Its so sexy, purple and shiny. It will suit my ass so good, and can drive u realy crazy!
Thanks! See ya guys!
About my fetishes. Date: Mar 11th @ 2:08am EDT
Hello girls and guys. Want to tell you about my hot fetish, and it's a latex. The most sexy, hot and beautifull material for me.
Something about latex:
"Libidex first came to the latex scene in 1989 when designer Helen Saffery launched a brand new range of latex clothing. She dubbed it "Libidex" - combining libido with latex. Helen teamed up with rubber enthusiast and designer Simon Rose, and the two of them created a collection of latex clothing that made rubber fetishists and fashion designers alike sit up and take notice.
The designs created by Libidex back then were ground-breaking in the latex world, pre-empting the couture/latex crossover designs of Gaultier, Mugler and McQueen. Helen was the first person to design legs and feet on latex garments which were actually tailored from the human body - her own, in fact. The Libidex latex fit was famous - and of course it got copied by a lot of other people - so now it's an industry standard. The Matrix Catsuit was a real innovation - making a fashion feature of building the garment from a series of panels. It's not surprising that the Matrix became the benchmark Libidex latex catsuit.
Over the next ten years, the latex fetish scene scene grew fast, with fashion luminaries such as Jean-Paul Gaultier himself appearing at events such as Torture Garden and the Rubber Ball. Libidex too got to be quite well known amongst the glitterati and some of society's more colourful characters. In the quintessential nineties scandal David Mellor's mistress Antonia de Sancha cavorted Sun style in a Libidex catsuit - and the late Paula Yates chose to relaunch Britain's seminal style and music show The Tube in Libidex. Caprice front-paged on Esquire in Libidex designs, doing a double encore on the cover of The Times magazine. Libidex began a close association with photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, who photographed numerous Libidex latex outfits, including a shoot for his fetish calendars. Libidex latex was also popular with actress Rachel Weisz and models Paula Hamilton and Vanessa Upton. Vanessa, one of London's favourite fetish models also appeared in the Loaded Calendar, this time in a Libidex nurse's outfit."
(C)from lateexpress dot com
My weekend Date: Nov 25th @ 4:20am EST
Hello guys and girlsnI dont know why all my stories here was rejected by support!nI was trying to be nicenI liek to share with something hot, wich i do like by myself!nAnd i wanted my slaves and friends to join me in reading those hot themes! nAbout cbt, jerk off instructions, foot fetish and many other things wich i enjoy. nDont know what wnet wrong, but now many of my stories are just rejected. nAnyhow, I was on a real session last weekened. nNo words to describe how hot was it! nThat was a private club with many other people, who has the same fetishes as i do. And there was also private rooms, where u can take a person to a session by ur own. And I took a man who wanted to do a foot fetish and a little punishment. nIt was so fucking hot! nMy advice to everyone who have never try this- u should try anyhow! nU will not loose if u even dislike it! nNext time I want to take my dominative friend there! nI hope she will like it too !nAlso wanted to notice that woman can get in for free there! nMen pay this! nI think, it\'s a honur to pay for such a parties!nThank u to everyone who was in those perfect club!nHave fun, guys!
Part 3 Date: Nov 4th @ 1:41am EST
If u inrigued. The next part of a stroy!
And the last one!
"She stands just behind and to the side of Her slave as She whips my ass time after time... Watching me twist and scream as Her whip falls. Watching my ass turn red and the welts start to appear as I continue to pull at the restraints and scream into the gag.

Once my ass is covered with Her marks She moves behind me and starts on my shoulders and back. I continue to scream and twist my body, pulling desperately at the chains but everything is locked hopelessly tight. I am going nowhere!

She looks over on the floor and sees the ring of keys and knows this bitch is totally Hers.

My back and ass are completely red and covered with Her marks, Her breath is coming in gasps as Her lust consumes Her. She's so horny that Her pussy juices are running down the inside of Her thighs.

She continues to circle me, lashing out with Her whip, listening to me scream. The scent of Her sex starts to fill the room and just make Her want to whip me harder.

Her arm continues to rise and fall as I twist and the chains make such a delicious noise, a reminder of how truly helpless this bitch is.

She looses track of time and She's not sure how long She has been beating me, just walking around me, the sound of Her heels on the concrete accompanied by the crack of the whip hitting my flesh. My body is completely covered with welts, and I am covered in sweat. This bitch looks so delicious hanging there by my wrists, legs spread while She continues to lash me.

She has waited so long for this and it feels so good, Her body is also covered in sweat now, Her pussy is throbbing with desire.

She is so hot and exhausted from beating me, She decides it is time for Her to cum.

Dropping the whip She picks up a leather jock strap and walks around in front of Her bitch as I just hang in my restraints. She knows I would be begging Her for mercy right now but the ball gag completely fills my mouth so I cannot utter a word.

Pitiful moans and whimpering is all that comes from me as She stands naked in front of me.

Mistress attaches the jock strap to me to protect my cock and balls, She doesn't want to accidentally catch me in the balls and cause me to pass out from the pain. Oh no, She wants me fully conscious and feeling everything as She completes the last part of my whipping.

Mystique drags a nice little armless chair around in front of me and then goes back over to the toys She spread out earlier.

There is a special thing there, She picks it up. It has long tails on it so She can sit in the chair and when She lashes out with this whip, it will wrap around me and catch my ass and back.

When She walks back in front of me, She has the whip in one hand and Her favorite vibrator in the other.

She sits down in the chair and spreads Her legs, watching my eyes drawn to Her body.

She slides the vibrator into Her soaking pussy and hits the on button. As its soft bussing is heard Mistress arches a bit in the chair and moans.

Then opening Her eyes, Her right hand snakes out and lashes the whip around my ass. The crack is followed by a piercing scream that is absolute music to Her ears.

Mistress is in heaven as She watches me scream and Her arm comes forward again catching me and lifting me up on my toes as my body arches and another scream is torn from my throat.

My screams are music to Her, every one sends a chill through Mistress' body and deep into Her pussy.

She feels Her orgasm building as Her arm continues to rise and fall and my screams become a non-stop wail of anguish.

She is lost in a world of intense ecstasy. All Mistress hears is the crack of the whip and the screams of Her slave as She push the vibrator all the way up into Her pussy.

Finally Mistress' body arches in the chair as Her orgasm hits Her, the whip falls to the floor as She grab the vibrator with both hands and ride it through an incredible orgasm.

Finally Mystique opens Her eyes and drags Herself up from the chair.

Her slave is hanging there in the chains, such a beautiful sight, shivering from the pain, my body red and covered in welts.

She unhooks the spreader bar and gets the keys off the floor. Unlocking my cuffs She helps me down onto the carpet and take the ball gag from my mouth.

Mistress lets me drink from a bottle of water as She sits there still trembling from the force of Her orgasm.

I just lie there looking up at Mistress Mystique, my eyes filled with total submission, knowing that through my pain I have given Her the most incredible ecstasy of Her life."
That was the wonderfulls story wich i liked so much!
But u should go and read all the literature
Part 2 Date: Nov 4th @ 1:40am EST
I love that story. Enjoy the part 2
"I quickly found the broom and dustpan, swept the floor clean and started screwing the eyehooks into the beams and attaching lengths of chain to them. When I was finished I unrolled a rug that I found placed against the wall.

I stood and looked around to make sure everything was in place. The room was obviously the cellar of the old abandoned house. Concrete walls on four sides and a ceiling full of thick wooden beams made it a perfect place to abuse a slave.

I kneeled on the rug and touched my face to the floor with my hands out in front of me palms down, one of Mistresses favorite positions. She says it helps Her get into the right headspace seeing a slut like this.

I called out to Her that everything was ready and waited for Her to come in.

I heard Her high heels clicking across the cement floor but dared not look up.

"Such a good little slut, ok kneel up bitch."

I got up on my knees and Mystique slipped the bondage mittens over my hands, then tightened the wrist cuffs, slipped the padlocks through the hasps and clicked them shut.

She dragged me to my feet and then locked the cuffs to the chains hanging from the eyehooks. Next She locked cuffs on my ankles and attached them to a spreader bar.

Mystique walked around in back of me and I heard Her talking off Her clothes and rummaging around in the toy bag setting things out on the floor.

When She came back in front of me all She was wearing was Her high heels. She came right up in front of me and I was instantly horny just looking at Her inches in front of me but unable to touch Her.

Mystique walked around behind me and all I could hear is the click of Mystique's heels as it echoed off the walls.

Mystique liked having me out here in the woods, because now She can really let me scream, when Mystique hits me,she so loves the sound of my screams.

There is no one to hear me but Mystique gagged me anyway, because She likes the look of the gag in my mouth, it allows me to scream but I can't beg Her to stop, I have no control and She likes that because it makes me more helpless. She knows at this point I am totally Hers, I can't even beg Her to stop.

She loves the concrete walls because they make such a nice sound when that rubber whip hits my flesh. I am just hanging there in the candle light with a nice sheen of sweat on my body and She winds up and hits me with the first lash.

This is not going to be any ordinary whipping, She brought me here to surprise me, She wanted to really push me tonight, the first lash caught me by surprise it was so severe!

A high keening wail comes out from behind the gag, before that is even finished She hits me again the SMACK, as the whip hits it is SO loud in the cellar and this time I scream!

Mystique feels Herself getting so wet, She knows this is what She has wanted, waited for and She rears rear back and hit me again.

She knows this is more than I have ever taken, but She doesn't care anymore, She is out of control with Her lust, it just feels so good, and She knows I cant go anywhere I just have to hang there and take it.

She gets so damn hot because She knows She can keep me here, just keep this up, for hours, and that's exactly what She intends to do.

Mystique lashes me again and watches the sweat really break out on my body. The whip makes such a nice noise now when it smacks my flesh, it sends a chill through Her.

I am straining in the restraints, twisting in my bonds as She hits me again. Mystique loves this, Her pussy is getting so wet. Hearing my screams, knowing that I didn't expect this.

She starts to walk around me, Her heels clicking on the concrete. As She comes around in front of me She sees the fear in my eyes and it thrills Her. It's like a drug and She gets such a rush from it. She rears back with Her arm and wraps the whip around my ribs and my back. I arch up on my toes and throw my head back as I scream into the gag.

Her hand goes to Her pussy as the feeling of pure lust rushes through Her. She sees me open my eyes and I have a mixture of fear, pain, and lust in them. She has told me that some day She would grant my fantasy of a severe whipping with no way out, and now it is here.

She stands there for a second rubbing Her clit, feeling how wet She is. I can smell the scent of Her pussy in the air and it makes me very horny, that and knowing this whipping is out of my control and it is going to be more severe than anything I have endured before.

Then She starts walking around Her slave again, She strike out with the whip again, thrilled to hear me scream and struggle in my bondage. Mystique loves knowing that I cannot escape. That I am truly Her helpless bitch, and I am going nowhere until She releases me.

The sounds of the whip cracks echo off the concrete walls, followed by my screams of pain, filling Her with such a feeling of lust.

She is thrilled with the knowledge that we are miles out in the woods and there is no possible rescue for me, except when She chooses to release me.

She has dreamed of this moment, She has masturbated Herself to mind blowing orgasms just at the thought of this fantasy, but tonight it is real! A naked, sweating male slut is chained and gagged right in front of Her with no chance of escape and Her whip marks covering my body.

This is what She has always dreamed of, and tonight it is Hers. " (C)
by raven43
Took from servermilfs :) Date: Oct 14th @ 3:02am EDT
I was really,REALLY anxious when I was waiting her at a meeting spot that we had agreed. Her online photos didnt reveal her face, so I didnt know what to expect. Other guys had described her as a classic Russian lady, like the ones we are used seeing online.

But then she came.

Oh god. She was stunning. Beautiful face, great eyes, beautiful body. Her feet were great too. Feet are not my main fetish, but oh my these were great. Perfect size and painted pink.

We walked the short distance towards my house (she had agreed for the session to take place in my house-how lovely was that) and went in. I spent 5 minutes explaining to her what I wanted, which mainly was shoe/foot worship and trampling. I had told her to bring some specific pairs of shoes which I had seen online and had caught my imagination. She showed them to me. Out of the 4 pairs she had, I chose to "play" with the 3. There was one pair of black platform sandals, one pair of high wedges and the pair that I had exclusively asked that she brought: a pair of white pumps, with a 12 cm metal stiletto heel. The moment I saw that pair I lost my breath.

She went into the bathroom to change into a more appropriate outfit. Five minutes later it all started. She came out wearing a short leather dress, and her feet were covered by brown pantyhose (i love pantyhose on a woman). She ordered me to kneel. I was wearing only my underwear at that point. She put on the white shoes.

- "Kiss my shoes and thank me for coming"
- "Yes mistress"

I started kissing her shoes passionately. That felt really good. I kissed her shoes, her feet, and then rubbed my face into them.

She then walked the short distance to the bed, laid down and offered me her shoe soles.

I licked them like a good dog. I wanted them to shine. The soles were dusty, but not dusty or dirty enough to prevent me from licking them as if they were ice cream. At a certain point, I sticked my tongue out and Mistress starting running the shoes the up and down my cleaning device. She shoved her stilettos in my mouth and I sucked them as if I was a little whore sucking a cock.

The procedure was repeated for the other 2 pairs. I licked, and licked, and licked, until the shoes were spotless. My mistress then gave me the chance to worship her pantyhosed feet.

Oh God that was awesome. They smelled so,so good. I dont know if it was a perfume or anything else, but I couldnt help but sniff the hell out of them. I massaged them, I took them in my mouth, I did everything that my dirty mind had in store
Nice story from library Date: Oct 14th @ 3:00am EDT
I was 18 and went to the mall with my cousin who was visiting, he was nearly 21. I've always been a barefooter just never liking shoes. So I was barefoot leaving the house to get in the car, we sat in the back seat I noticed him looking at my toes. I had flip-flops with me, but I stayed barefoot as we went into the mall and this just really fascinated him. We did the usual, windowshopping looking at stuff and stopped at the food court, he was amazed no one made an issue of my bare feet! I told him something like why would they make an issue of me not wearing shoes, I\'m not wearing gloves either! He liked that. My mom picked us up and we went back home, in the back seat again he was looking at my feet and this time more than before, when mom dropped us off she had more errands so we went in alone. I was wearing just T-shirt and shorts, he sat on the Sophia and I crashed on the carpet in front of the TV on my belly, he couldn\'t help but notice how dirty and black my soles were. After a few minutes he got up saying he\'d be right back, I asked him \"what, you gonna go whack off?\" He froze in his tracks, and I was looking up at him impishly, grinning. The look on his face told me I\'d been right! So I said I had a better way to do that, and got up and led him into my room. I got on the bed on my back, I could see the full on chubby in his shorts. I put my feet up in the air with the bottoms pressed tight together and told him \"come on cuz, you know what you\'ve been thinking!\" he was standing there at the foot of the bed hesitating, so I said \"so what am I gonna havta do, take it out for you?\" So he hesitantly dropped his shorts to his ankles and he was so hard for my feet! So I told him to go ahead and own my arches! He took hold of my ankles looking at the filthy black soles, then he stuck in between and started screwing my feet! I talked dirty \"that\'s it, fkk those feet! Fkk \'em hard, they\'ve been very naughty, teach \'em a lesson!\" You should\'ve seen the disbelief on his face that I was talking like that, and that we were doing this! He said he was gonna to cum and I told him to go ahead, shoot all over me. That\'s when it happened, with a grunt and a groan he happened all over the front of me. All he got was my shirt it was pretty well totaled out, which I\'d expected so no big deal, he began to shrink there in between my feet so he withdrew and I sat up on the edge of the bed as he stood there are only several inches from me with a standstill around his ankles. He was likewise barefoot since we\'ve gotten home, and I looked down telling him he had really nice feet also and I wished I had a dick so I could do the same thing to him! He was just amazed that I would talk like that, but what I did next amazed and even further-I bent forward and grabbed the waistline of his pants and undies, which put my face right in the correct location so that as I began to pull up his pants I gave a quick smooch to the base of his now relaxed organ and then finished pulling his shorts up. He was speechless! and then, still sitting there on the edge of the bed I pulled my befouled T-shirt up often over my head sitting there completely topless in front of him, true I was only 18 but still a nice B-cup and if it was possible for someone to become even more speechless, he managed it. So I handed him the shirt and told him to throw it over in the dirty clothes and said it was the least he could do since it was all his fault! He did that, and then stood there watching me while I went to my dresser and got a clean T-shirt out, he stared at me unashamedly as I stuck my arms up over my head to put the new shirt on. I said \"come on, we\'re done here!\". This time I sat on the sofa maybe a foot away from him, and rested one ankle on top of the other knee so he could see still filthy black bottom on that foot. The only thing we ever said about that encounter was later on, when he called me by name and said \"that was just fkkn awesome\" - I just grinned at him.
She hate her feet tocuhed. Date: Oct 10th @ 3:26am EDT
One beautiful night a street full of life, a girl with reddish pink hair was wandering the streets. When she walked past them they froze in their tracks like they were in fear. "It's the monster. Everyone run." The girl just ignored them. The girl by the way is names Lucy! The reason their so scared of her because she can blow you up in less than 3 seconds. Lucy walked up to a salesmen on the street. "The salesmen got scared immediately. Lucy looked around and grabbed some fruit and put them in the bag and gave the money to the man and left. The man stood there froze. Lucy returned home and put the fruit on the table. Kohta walked up to the table and grabbed an orange."Thanks Nyu." Nyu is Lucy's split personality. Nu smiled and grabbed an apple."Hey Nyu?\" Nyu turned to Kohta still eating her apple. "You've controlled your Lucy side pretty well. This is your second week withoutkicking anyone.
Nyu finished her apple and threw it in the trash.
"What are you talking about?"
"Oh yeah. I forgot she doesn't remember what she does as Lucy. "Never mind." Nyu shrugged and went into her room.

\"Hey Nyu I think you deserve a gift.\" He handed Nyu the box. Nyu opened it and saw it was a pearl necklace. Nyu eyes lit up as she saw the pretty necklace.
"Wow thanks."
"No prob."
Nyu immediately put it on.
"Wow you look pretty.
" Nyu blushed.
"Hey Kohta, can you do something for me."
"What is it?"
"She took off her shoes and socks and put her feet in Kohta's lap. "Can you give me a quick massage?" Kohta thought about it and agreed. He started to massage her left foot.
"Thanks, I owe you one."
It's O.K. Nyu.
He massaged her hell and moved her soles. Nyu just sat back and enjoyed.
"This feels great.
" Kohta moved to her sole. Nyu really liked this foot massage thing.Then Konta moved to her toes. During massaging them he started to play with them. Nyu giigled because she thought it was cute.

While he was playing with them, a large brick slammed against Nyu\'s head. "Take that you sadistic witch." Then the man took off running. Then Nyu started to change.
"Konta. What are you doing." Konta looked up and saw Lucy's lifeless eyes."Umm, giving you a massage." Lucy was annoyed but she calmed down."Alright. I normally hate this kind of thing but I'll allow you to do this just this once.
" Kohta switched feet and massaged her heel. Lucy tried to enjoy the massage but she hated her feet touched.
"Don't worry Lucy I'm going to be done soon. Konta started to play with her toes again.
"you really enjoy this, don't you Konta."
"A little."
"Alright you can play with them a bit longer.
" Kohta finished playing with her toes and stood up.
"Hey Kohta.
" Kohta turned around.
"Thanks for the necklace." "Welcome."
ucy left the building.

She walked the streets and people ran and hid. Then she found the brick thrower. "It's not nice to throw bricks at people. They might get hurt like you." Lucy blew his arms off. "Try to throw something now." Then she walked home at the lifeless streets."
(C) By codegoku
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